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Consulting / Auditing Services

The Difference is Expertise

Our expertise has been gained through thousands of audits with our average auditor having over 30 years of health care experience and typically with at least 20 within the coding, compliance and /or reimbursement field. Our auditors have supported physicians, facilities, payers and attorney's in various cases by serving as expert case witnesses. Our level of expertise continues to grow since all of our auditors work in the health care trenches every day.

We have contributed essential policy changes that have benefited providers across the country through our auditing and research skills. This is how the company achieved the tag line of, "Experience in Solving Health Care Puzzles."

Consulting and Auditing Services

Our consulting and auditing team plays a vital role in the continued success of Robin Linker & Associates. The company decided years ago that due to the nature of fraud and abuse expert case witnessing, that it would only contract and work with the best coding and compliance consultants (our associates) in the country.

Compliance Support and Management

We listened to our clients and have finally added the capability of providing compliance support and management services which are above and beyond our usual compliance training, development and auditing services. Robin Linker & Associates, Inc. (RLA) is offering this service to all providers including large and small group practices, single providers, non-physician specialties, etc. This program includes providing external compliance monitoring and includes RLA serving as the compliance officer (if needed) to assist with overall compliance objectivity and enforcement. Annual education and training, audit analysis and a "secure client complaint hotline" is provided. Contact our office for additional information.

Our Associates

Our associates have served on numerous boards allowing us to develop a sound working relationship and to properly evaluate their working knowledge through first hand experience. Robin Linker & Associates, has continually provided services as an Independent Review Organization (IRO) in fraud and abuse cases and for compliance plan support. Projects are manned across the United States and if we're unable to provide the service or if the timing ins't right, we're glad to refer you to another respected company or consultant that can help.