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"Experience in Solving Health Care Puzzles"

Experience Education

We offer a variety of educational seminars and workshops that often qualify for CME and CEU credits through various organizations. Tailored and specialized training is available.

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Consulting Strategies

Our consulting and auditing team plays a vital role in the continued success of Robin Linker & Associates. The company decided years ago that due to the nature of fraud and abuse expert case witnessing, that it would only contract and work with the best coding and compliance consultants (our associates) in the country.

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Certification Programs

The Professional Medical Coding Curriculum has been created because of a growing need for coding information and education in the increasingly technical field of professional coding. It is recognized and is taught and accredited throughout the country in various Colleges and Universities

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What we can do for you

Robin Linker & Associates, Inc. (RLA) is a nationally known Healthcare Consulting firm located in Aurora, Colorado. It was formally established in 1995 after multiple practices, management companies and residency programs continually requested consulting services and specialty training. Today, RLA is known for its "experience in solving healthcare puzzles" and its strong emphasis on coding and compliance. Our company is a major distributor of coding books, software and other resources, allowing significantly affordable rates to clients and students. The company is a major advocate in coding and compliance certification and has conducted hundreds of training sessions to students for preparation of various credentials including the CHCA, CHCAF, CHCAS, CPC, COC,CPC-P,CCS-P,CMM,(and most specialty certifications), compliance, auditing and practice management exams. Our consultants are experienced in auditing and as expert case witnesses in the areas of fraud and abuse case support. We appreciate you visiting our website and we look forward to assisting you with all your health care consulting and educational needs!

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